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We have now made it into day 5 of Brain Injury Awareness Month. With this day I will share a bit of wisdom I have cultivated over 24 years of living with a brain injury… And only one word comes so close to my mind when I speak this but it also expresses my point so very clear and this word is perception.

Perception can be a very cruel thing in our world and it clouded my own mind for so long. The picture you see here may be a beautiful blond but I clearly see a fragile little girl in a wheel chair at 85 pounds that can’t keep a thought in her head. This point I am making is a brain injury is invisible and our brain health is something that can make or break your life.

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There have been moments throughout my life I have been extremely unstable. And as I look around me today I see the same thing and the health of our brains is at a detrimental state. We allow opinions to dictate how we function, and very unhealthy foods in our bodies, and then expect our lives to go smoothly… I only know all this because I did both of these for so very long.

Today on this 5th day of Brain Injury Awareness Month I will honor this day and give some essential advice. Stay extremely close to whatever or whoever makes you feel most alive in your life. Eliminate what ever it is in that breaks your spirit down. I am speaking to you from 24 years of SOLID experience here and know that this spirit is the ONLY thing that’s truly alive within us all and also is the ONLY thing that can make things happen in your life… And I do know of certainty that maintaining a healthy lifestyle only rejuvenates that spirit and helps with your thinking, ageing and overall wellness…

But another MOST crucial piece of advice I’ll give you is….
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER EVER Give Up!!!!