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Over the years I have learned a lesson or so on this topic. I like most everyone else began my running with that spunk of enthusiasm that I could take on the world day after day without concentrating on certain important aspects of the sport. Because I mean come on aren’t we made to do this stuff? Well, then came my shin splints from improper shoes, feeling totally depleted from my runs because I didn’t hydrate properly or replenish glycogen during those longer runs. Then came the stress fracture, the dog bite, and my list goes on and on…

These days I handle things a lot differently than before. I still have a lot of enthusiasm for running and training for my marathons I just handle things better now that I have learned a few lessons. I have spoke before of the terrible burnout I go through sometimes. I have to carefully monitor my training and all my activities very precisely to avoid this. I have learned that success in all the endurance events I’m participating with has less to do with my ability in handling them and a lot more of how I focus and concentrate mentally on them.

With that being said, I have decided to take a small pause from my training for the marathon to focus on a few new goals I now have. This helps me break the cycle of burnout and lets my body have a small rest. The new goals require me to do weight training like I have always done but I am only working with a few weeks so I have had to step things up and talk with a trainer. Over the years I have learned when I break from my hectic running schedule it helps so much both mentally and physically and I look at this as a form of my own type of recovery.

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