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Taking it back to where it started

My training has taken a different step lately. I mentioned I would be putting my running schedules on hold for a few weeks to do more weight training for some events I have coming up. My modeling event will be this weekend so I have been really putting in the time at my gym and I am actually enjoying this different type of training for a change. This training I am doing right now is a training I began doing way back in my younger days. I still incorporate short runs in my week but my mileage has been cut tremendously and I can honestly say I feel a huge difference in my energy levels. I believe this break will help me with the burnout I usually go through. Before I started any of this I consulted with my running coach and got an ok with him and he advised me then that it would be good for me to do this. I’m not sure exactly why I go through the burnout like I do but it hasn’t been as bad on me this year as it was in previous years.

A few reasons I know I have gone through it this time is because I worked so much through my marathon training this past year. This caused me to miss out on needed rest and I also did way too much weight training. I have decided that when I begin my next marathon training schedule I will put my whole heart in it and focus on nothing else but Boston. So this break is helping me to achieve the work I know that I have to get done before mid July training. My focus until then is going to be on light running and the weight training, and it is such a nice change of pace for me.

The next few projects I will have will be a photo shoot next week the day before my flight out to Boston. I feel very excited and happy that I get to go to Boston this year and experience things and meet with the people of my Saucony Team. Most of all I look forward to supporting the good friends I have that are running and of course getting to spend some time with my running coach and his family. This is going to be a great experience for me and I can’t wait to get there!