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I haven’t done any training recaps since my marathon. My training hasn’t really changed so much from when I was focusing on the marathon. I still do my long runs and manage a speed day in per week with tempo runs as well. I have been doing my crossfit type classes up until this past week. I met with one of my running coaches who told me to back off of those if I wanted to focus in on the speed. But this past weekend I did have a few different type opportunities arise that will change my focus for my running for a months.

I took this past week completely off from the crossfit classes at my gym. I felt my body needed the rest and I also felt the need to reacquaint myself with my dirt roads I run on and to have some meditation time. I planned my running schedule for two 10-mile runs with a rest day then another ten mile run. I did a half marathon in Atlanta yesterday as a training run at a slow steady pace because it is extremely hilly in that area, so my total mileage for the week averaged out to be 43 miles.

Other than running, last week I was contacted by a magazine that wanted to do a photo shoot with me. I emailed the lady back who contacted me, and set up a time for the shoot. This shoot is going to be the second week of April right before I leave for Boston. I was also contacted a few days later by a company in Atlanta about doing some modeling of their sports wear for a multi sports expo that will be held the first week of April. I had lunch with the organizer on Saturday in Atlanta and went over all the details of the event. It’s exciting that I have had these opportunities arise and since they have I have had to reevaluate my running plans.

I have been strategically planning to train hard and run another marathon before September of this year to get into The Boston Marathon 2014. But with the miles I have been doing and the racing I have done I feel my body does need more rest. I have decided that I will do another marathon and if it is before September that is fine but I will not stress if I do not get one and will just focus on 2015. I am going to enjoy my training and this new type of working I will be doing. I will have to restructure my training for these new things but I can handle this and I look forward to doing it all because I know this will open many different doors for me. I am thankful for everything that is happening in my life. I will continue to keep my eyes set on my goals and maintain a positive attitude no matter what may occur.