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Tackling obstacles along the way

Theres no doubts that in the midst of your training or something important in your life obstacles are gonna arise. Lately I have had a few obstacles arise in my training that have tested my will. I’ve dealt with this issue well because I simply have so much happening with the training and my many other projects. Considering that I am in my taper period of the marathon training

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I am alittle edgy. I consider those obstacles a negative force only to test me and I will not allow this. All my life I have dealt with these types of obstacles and I speak of these often but they taught me so much in my life.

This afternoon I had dinner with my first running coach Mr. Frank Mcloed. I took a clipboard and pen and took notes to prepare myself for the following week of pre-marathoning. Hearing him talk always soothes me and calms me because I know he knows exactly what I am capable of and what I want. He was there through a lot of my obstacles and saw me work through them when i thought of giving in. He made a point to me tonight that has stuck in my head. He said you know exactly what you want and you always have, and you know how to go get it done. I totally agreed with what he said. I’ve never let what didn’t make sense in my life stop me. I have always felt that push to go further.

I remember the first push I experienced when I was married to go and do that marathon. I tell people all the time I will never forget that feeling of drive I had to go out and accomplish something. This year I have felt that same passion and drive. I know, like Mr. Frank said, what I want, and I know I have the strength and determination to go for it! This is my gift from God, and as Prefontaine once said, “to give anything less than the best is to sacrafice the gift”. So I will keep my eye on my goals as I always have so I can look back on all this training and say what a hell of a journey!