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The Final Marathon Training Recap

I’ve had such an exciting marathon training season this year. Marathon training to me is exciting, and being this focused and involved with something you care so much for always gives me a confident, happy feeling. The past 14 weeks have been full of races and all types of training and adventures. When I began this year, I was injured and full of doubts. I am ending it very confident in myself. I was smart enough to find a good qualified marathon coach to help me through this endeavor. Throughout my training I have had so many opportunities arise that I would never have dreamed of….

I’ve met some really genuine, humble runners who have taught me so much about running. I have actually become good friends with a lot of them and talk to them almost daily. I had my first running magazine article published in August. The more I type these things the more my heart beats with gratitude! I had another magazine interview me that is local and it will be published this month. I spoke with a magazine today that is a marathon magazine that wants to interview me for their magazine this afternoon. The most exciting thing of all has to be that I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Bart Yasso a couple of times about an article for Runners World. Runners World is another big dream of mine and I will remain focused on it. This article will come to pass sooner or later! I have also gotten the chance to volunteer with a great triathalon club in Atlanta, The Atlanta Triathalon Club, and with The Ironman events in different states.

All of these experiences have been wonderful for me. I have always believed that everything in your life happens for a reason though you usually do not know the purpose. This year is the first time I have ever really spoke much about my struggles in life. And even though at the young age of 14 when those struggles began I had the mentality of “why”, now I see so clear what its purpose was. I was telling one of my best friends today in fact that I firmly believed that the reason I was placed in all those situations in life was to lead me to where I am today. And I do plan on continuing to motivate and help people as much as possible by sharing my story of survival. This struggle has defined me and made me stronger than I ever imagined. It has helped me to be one heck of a strong marathon runner.

I will end my training by doing some light workouts at my gym. I am determined to make sure I taper properly, so when Jacksonville comes, I will be ready! I will do a few recovery runs here and there but nothing strenuous at all. This weekend I will finish up with one last race in which I just found out I was going to run. My friends in Atlanta invited me to do my 1st speedo run!!! I am super excited to do this because the money is for a charity and heck I’ve never ran in my underwear! I think it will be exciting. It will only be a 1.5 or 2 mile race but I want to end this training with a bang!