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Training report…

My training has picked up quite a bit the past few weeks… I have had many projects going on with it also, so I have been trying to manage all of it cautiously without experiencing burnout. I have been doing alot of studying on the effects of multitasking and how it effects you and what I have found is it leads to burnout like training does so I am extremely at risk for burnout with all the things I try to manage in my life… Luckily I have been blessed with family to assist me with my son and I have Matt my boyfriend/running coach that helps me with my training and diet regimine.

The first week in October I had an exciting week of training in the gym and my running mileage has began picking up too. Most importantly I’ve been doing speed work again and it’s been pain free! I love doing speed work. Last season I acquired this love because I had never done any mile repeats or three mile repeats before but a good running friend of mine introduced it to me and when she did I fell in love but then I got injured unfortunately… But on Friday of the 1st week I took home 2 overall awards in 2 different 5ks so I think all my hard training is paying off. I used those two races as my speed work for that week then the next day Matt and I got up drove to Macon and ran with some running friends which I consider to be very elite runners! This was my longer run, I was scheduled for 14 miles and it was a horrible run. My pace was so slow and my stomach hurt the whole way I even had the dry hieves. I knew this run had to be done so i did it and took me a rest day with no guilt the next day!

The next week I got back at it and did some interval training which I love! I did 3 x 1 mile repeats with a 400 in between. By the time I got to my last repeat I was beat but I definitely got it taken care of! I took a rest day the next day from running that is because I had to travel to Atlanta that morning for a photo shoot with a photographer who contacted me to do a fall shoot. The appointment went great but like all of them it was exhausting… This photographer was so creative with his shots and it made it fun. I’ve never done any type of fall pictures so this was all new territory for me. I am ultimately looking to get closer to the Atlanta area eventually. This photo shoot was one of my best I believe and I think they are getting better the more I do. I said I was going to break from them for a bit but I talked to a fitness model/bodybuilding friend of mine and she said she would like to do a shoot with me in November at a gym so I’m going to get pumped up for that the next few weeks in my gym… I plan on talking with a trainer to get me prepped for it to avoid any type of injury and burnout of my main marathon training…

I’m looking forward to the rest of this month because it looks to be pretty exciting. I have races planned for almost every weekend and of course I will be multitasking them with family, work and some photos. I also have the Ironman in November I will be volunteering with again that I am most excited to experienct this….