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Training Report

Well yesterday I faced my fear of speedwork. Since this is my 4th week of my schedule my coach Mike recommended me hold off on my speed until this week since I have had an injury to my leg. Currently I am doing an advanced marathon schedule but last season I did the advanced II and it was slightly harder but I felt it wasn’t too bad I guess until I injured myself that is… So this season I am doing only the advanced I and it is a lot more comfortable for me and I am able to incorporate the crossfit training in more even though as I increase my mileage I will definitely cut back on it.

So yesterday I did some hill work. Since I did a 10k last weekend and that’s basically speed work I worked hills. I was very anxious of doing any of my speed work so in preparation to it I carbed up well the day before and all throughout the day before my training. After work I rushed to my gym and changed and headed out. I did around a 3 mile tempo run before and monitored my speed for it throughout. The hills I have to train on are unfortunately small especially the ones in Cordele where I work. I get to my hill and did 8 repeats as I worked up the hill I kept a really fast pace and did my best to monitor that speed. When I jog or walk down for recovery I dont monitor this speed.

After my training I rushed home to my son who was with my parents and we studied and I got him ready for bed. He stayed with my parents because I had a trip to Michigan with Matt to visit his family and of course train there….