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What do you really stand for…

There comes a time in our lives we all decide or figure out exactly who we are and what it is we truely stand for. Truth is, we all take a stand when we make any choice in life between whats right, despite our fears or our insecurities. This topic has been on my mind for a while because the past two years I faced some big fears of my own with making decisions. I can say I dug deep in my heart and found the courage to overcome many insecurities I had.

In my opinion it takes us all a little while to understand really who we are but most importantly to me its always been about what you really stand for. My determination and will has been what I have stood strongest for all my life. This determination built by tragedy and hard lessons in life fuel my drive to succeed and reach my goals. I’m proud I can say, I have always stood my ground and walked my own path. Although I do remember a time when I used to be OVERLY influenced by others to a point where I couldn’t decide what or how to do things fully on my own. I have spoke before of some hard roads that broke me of that dependancy and today I am a very independent woman! I do come across people daily that I have to wonder how in the world they got this far in life, and when I meet people like this I always wonder since they are so dependant on other things what exactly in do they stand for? So I guess my question I am asking is what makes you go further in life? What lights that fire in your heart to do what you love each and every day.

I was asked a few weeks ago by a film company what ignited my determination for life. I shared with them my story of the greatest challenge I remember experiencing at such a young age that initially ignited this steer determination I have:

After coming out of a coma, I was placed in a rehab. I remember clearly like it was yesterday sitting in front of that nurses station waiting to be taken to therapy. I looked around and realized at that point where I was and that I was sitting in a wheelchair, I’m not sure if I was coming off of the medicines but I unhooked my wheelchair belt and tried to get up out of that chair and fell to the floor! This was the day I said I will not end up this way I will not live the rest of my life this way! When I run now I see that vision in my mind like it was yesterday! I can happily say today I am a marathon runner and I am working on my Boston Qualification and I will NEVER GIVE UP on anything and that anything in this life is possible and I am living proof of this!

This is what I stand for every day of my life. I proudly stand for being the survivor, the single mother, the hard worker, and most of all the runner!