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Be Unbreakable

This week has been really exciting for me. I had another dream of mine finally come true that I’ve been working extremely hard to achieve. I’ve been working this past year to today to get some sponsorships. I was contacted by Saucony this week to be a part of The Saucony Team! This is really ironic too because I have felt as if I was already a Saucony Rep. I say this because whenever anyone asks my opinion of shoes I always highly recommend their shoes. I have to brag on myself slightly here saying I work like a slave daily to accomplish this dream I have. I felt this push inside of me last year and since I felt this I have worked endlessly.

As my dreams are coming together I have people in my life that try to break my spirit. I’m not one to waist too much time worrying on this, however I have been thinking about it a lot lately. When someone achieves something so great and they really have worked hard at it they deserve such respect in my opinion. Today hard work and achieving personal goals are very hard to come by. When I have those type of negative people around me I immediately in my mind go back to times in my life when my spirit should have been broken. There was a time in my life when I struggled through an aweful divorce with a child and I faced loosing my home with no money for food, diapers, much less the bills and my spirit stood strong through that and pulled out of it. Then most importantly I go back to those hospital days when I layed in that bed and didn’t sleep for a solid month because I had been in a coma for two months of my life and all I could do was pray to walk and be normal again! So my best advice to anyone is always stand strong and be unbreakable to any negativity in life. Life is meant to be happy, it is meant to be fullfilled and if you are doing it then I praise you! Be unbreakable in this life and do not allow negativity to break your focus on a dream you have. Keep your head high and keep pushing forward with every ounce of energy you have! Your dream is bigger and more important than any obstacle.