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Living in a new day…

I have had this topic on my mind for a long time now and I felt it was absolutely necessary to blog on it. So I seem to get the usual questions almost daily of how I accomplish all I do with being a single mother. I usually just blow these off without questions, maybe I should say I have learned to do this. But its very simple, I prioritize my life the way I want it to go and I have excellent family that helps me with my son. Besides the questions of “what do you do with your kid” I usually get “why don’t you ever want to stay home”? My answer to these questions although I never argue with anyone is we live in the 21st century now a days. It is no longer 1980, and some of us have ambition and goals!

As you know I live in Georgia, South Georgia and the typical mom around here doesn’t have any other goal on her mind other than raising children and cooking for a husband. Unfortunately, I gave the husband a try and it wasn’t in the cards for me so I choose to do things on my own, and I like it this way. I had an interview this past weekend and the guy asked me how I managed this and I said I prioritize for what I want! I hear people complaining all the time saying they can’t do this because of this or they can’t do that because of that. I brush all that negative stuff off because I realize what can be done! In my opinion, a mom that chooses to get out and be a positive example by being active, for her child and other children is what this world needs.

Even as far as the running goes now days. Things have changed drastically for runners from the 80’s, 90’s even til today. When I meet with my running coach Mike Beeman he shows me photographs from the 70’s and runners actually ran in converse shoes and are still walking! I like to consider myself a 90’s kinda gal but I have to say I have developed into more of the 21st century runner/person all the way. For instance, I ran a 5K in Miami a few weekends ago, I ran it for fun to meet and greet people but every person I met spoke a different language than I did. It was truly amazing to me to be a part of such diversity! Because growing up in south Georgia we didn’t experience this. I had a conversation with one of my best friends last night and he was talking about an athlete friend of mine I haven’t seen in such a long time. I asked if he was still dating the girl he was seeing and my friend said no he wasn’t because she wanted him to move away from here to another state. I couldn’t believe it when he told me this, but then I thought this is the south and the norm is to get married right away. Well I do not believe in living up to someone else s expectations of my life. I get asked often if I will ever get married again, and I say probably not. I feel content as well as confident with myself and my child and this is a new era we live in and its not necessary anymore.

To me living this small town life causes some people to limit themselves drastically, and their thinking. Not that they can’t be a success here but a lot of people let what the norm of things are here dictate the way their lives turn out. The small town life has been good for me, but I have always had that urge to move forward from here even from when I was in my younger high school years. I realize there is hate and jealousy everywhere you go, but being different or having a different passion from most people definitely has had its issues for me over the years. Its always been harder for a lot of people to realize your passion should drive you and not just nipping at the heals of others to try and get ahead. But as my running coach Mike Beeman tells me enjoy your indifference and follow that dream all the way through! My future for running is to succeed of course, but to raise my child to be the best person he is capable of and not limit himself to what others expect of him.