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Well today was one of those days… An ugly day I must say! I had all plans of getting up at 4 am to do my routine of going to the gym and training with the crossfit trainer but my whole body had other plans for me.

I did speed work yesterday afternoon which consisted of 4 x 1 mile repeats, and I did those at a much much slower pace than normal because I have my first half marathon of the season scheduled. I believe my body is experiencing a case of burnout which I have gone through really bad at one point in my life. When I trained for my first marathon in 2006 I was averaging up to 80 miles per week, I had a new born baby I was managing, a full time job (which at that time was only a 4 day a week work week) and a miserable husband at home I was trying to please… I have done alot of research on the effects of multitasking on your brain and it can have the effects of running a marathon… Well I was doing BOTH… So after I ran that marathon I went through about 2 years of burnout severely, not to mention an aweful divorce with it! But although I was going through all that mess in my life at that time I never gave up on my running dreams. My running was done sporadically but I had to do it….

After living through all these trials I have in my life I finally feel I am living my purpose. It is a dream of mine to run carefree, without focusing on negative thoughts or focusing on those negative people who are constantly trying to break my spirit. These trials I’ve experienced have made me the strong runner I am! On these steamy hot Georgia summer runs I do or the cold dark morning runs I have to say I always picture myself in that wheel chair or I remember running down roads in Fitzgerald on an empty stomach because I didn’t have the money to even eat!!! So this immediately let’s me know these runs are nothing to what I’ve already been through and this day will be over soon and I will be stronger!!!

So my entry for today is FOCUS on my goal even though I had a rough day I will get up on this new day and know I can handle whatever comes my way!