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Knowing when to say when

I believe every person has true passions in their heart for things they go above and beyond for. For instance I’ve lived an active lifestyle since I graduated high school and my lifestyle as I get older tends to grow more extreme every day to fulfill the passions I have in my heart.

My number 1 passion is my son of course and I have said before I am a single mother. Therefore to achieve the goals I have set for myself I have to prioritize my life in a way most people would say is absolutely insane. Of course my gym rat buddies or running friends relate to this lifestyle of mine fine. But in my honest opinion if you have a dream in your heart you will pursue it no matter how hard it may be to get there. Like my training is mostly morning runs so my alarm sounds at 4 to 4:30 am every morning and I have to scoot my son down to my Mom and Dads house to get back in bed for me to get my

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run in. Then I’m back in getting him ready for school as well as getting myself ready for a long days work.

So my life is a full speed ahead lifestyle just so I can achieve this dream God has placed within my heart! I do not mind at all doing any of this because I am capable of them and I want this so very bad. Although I am capable I do have to watch out for overtraining myself. I am no different from any other runner in fact most of my friends will tell you I’m obsessive in many ways. But my life has been molded for me to be this way for a reason and I believe I was given the stregth to do all these things and I am glad I have chosen to do positive things instead of the more negative…

Back to my full speed ahead lifestyle, this morning my alarm sounded at 4 am and I tweeked my schedule alittle. I got a text yesterday from the trainer that is supposed to be assisting me in the gym for my photo shoot prep. I asked this guy because I know how I am if I do it myself and I will overtrain like usual and end up on the injured list again, so I am doing all I can to do this strategically without any problems, and he has the knowledge to help me and he is also a kick ass crossfit trainer. Well he said he would be able to help me at 5am with no problems. So instead of the 8 mile run I was scheduled to do I went to the gym and did a crossfit class for probably an hour and fifeteen minutes then I was back home getting my little man ready for school…. Of coarse I will have to pick up my miles after work today… Its amazing to me to think I will go to these extremes sometimes but I’ve taken the attitude that I will only live once and this is something I AM AND WILL accomplish no matter how hard it is!