Weekend Recap…

I had another exciting weekend full of my running. Which included a race Saturday morning in a town that I once lived in. I have spoke of my previous marriage before in my blog, I was married for 7 years and 4 of those years I lived in this town I had my race in. I have ran a few other races there this year and they have all been slightly discouraging at first. I’m not quite sure why I am so scared of that place still but the only thing that comes to my mind is because I suffered so much there with the debt and negetivity I experienced and it has taken me so many years to forgive and forget all of it. As I ran that race I could remember those streets so well of when I ran them before. Every race I have ran in Fitgerald I can honestly say I ran it with every inch of my heart!! I think I’ve basically labeled that town as a part of my life that is behind me and I will not look back at…

But ultimately, I consider myself a very confident successful person with life in general, but marriage and that particular place has been the one thing that I could not accomplish so when I do these races there I go with the intent of winning and I have no doubts in my mind!!

I went back to Perry with Matt after the race because my son was with his dad and I stayed with him in Perry and we had our long run planned out to do there. I had 16 on my schedule to do but next weekend I have a half marathon and I am scheduled to do 17 so I tweeked the schedule alittle and did 17 today. I didn’t focus on anything fast, my current running coach Mike told me to do my longer runs slower so I do not stress out anymore with doing them super fast, although I have gotten faster than I was doing them. After doing the 17 miles I could tell I wasn’t quite ready for my marathon yet, I need to put some more miles in, at least my legs were telling me. Before when I trained I knew when I was peaking because if I was doing a 20 mile run or more my body felt great after and I felt after 17 that I was simply spent… But I am patient and I KNOW I can and will accomplish this!

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