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Negative Reinforcement

I talked today with a good friend of mine about something that has always been slightly touchy to me. We spoke of how growing up with negativity molded us into the people we are… And how I am the person I am today because as a child I was always made fun of for not being the pretty one or being the ugly skinny little girl. Heck then as I got older I was called the “BUTCH” and too obsessed with weightlifting… But either way that negativity reinforced me to do so much with myself and I am happy I didn’t let anyone elses insecurites dictate how I lived my life. And now that I am 34 years old I can proudly say I have accomplished alot, and everyday I work harder and harder to achieve my dreams…

Before I ever started all my many running projects, I went to Macon and took a run with a friend of mine and got some advice from her. I actually haven’t been friends with her for very long but I do admire her running skills and I have paid close attention to the fact that the vibe I get from her is always a positive drama free one. She told me that day to expect to get negative remarks as well as positive remarks. I didn’t give it too much thought but as things have rocked on I have gotten alot of hateful negative remarks… Its really irrelavant to me when people do these things because like when I was much younger I just use all that to reinforce myself to do better… My boyfriend Matt tells me all the time to run all of it off and let it go, and I do but it is hard for me to understand why people would rather drag someone down than applaud something positive or just be happy for someone when they work so hard for something…. I honestly have the most respect for people I see working their butt off for something in life, especially when you can clearly see they are passionate about something!

I love life and I am very grateful to be here, so I will keep my positive attitude that God is guiding my steps daily and what dreams I have were placed there soley by him. And I will continue my happy positive running life:)