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In Deep Gratitude I Bow…


Today is November 26, 2015 and it is Thanksgiving Day. I took a run this morning, not just because I am in marathon training, but in honor of all of the things I am most grateful for today… I am most thankful in my life for my son, my family, my friends, my running and my health and the fact that I understand this journey all so much more now…


As I ran at each step I uttered the words thank you under my breath. I said thank you to each place in my life this year I have had struggle, each place I have had triumph, each place I have had heartache, pain, love, misery and on and on… This run was my meditation for my day, as I say each run is my time of prayer. I gave thanks for every part of this year, and this year has been one heck of a year of understanding for me. But has been a year of holding on, letting go, and most of all Standing…


When I said those words thank you as I ran, I said thank you to hard times but I said thank you to these beautiful parts of my life as well, and I meant each word from the bottom of my heart. This whole year has been a real learning process of standing. And when I say this I mean, standing with courage, standing with honor, standing in strength, and standing in my values…. I am most grateful for the fact I have stood STRONG through rough times I have had this year and maintained my sanity, dignity but honestly I am most grateful I have held onto my WHY! And I believe this is why I am still standing….


So I say in deep gratitude I bow to this run I have had today and each step I have taken through my whole journey this year but I also bow with gratitude to my why…. To that 14 year old child that I have remembered with a brain injury that has wheeled right along with me today and has kept me on course and kept me STANDING STRONG in my values every step through this year and through my whole journey… And I know she will guide me through the rest of my way, because I know now exactly what I am STANDING for and it speaks for itself!!!
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!!!