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Saying GoodBye to 2019

Take deep breaths and release everything that does not serve you, and plant new seeds of hope and love for this new year knocking at the door….

“Time is non-refundable, use it with full intention.”

2019 is approaching its end, rapidly… Sitting here to write this today I have such a grateful heart for all that has happened throughout this year…

2019 I thank you for so much… I thank you for my bright days and my dark nights. The heartbreak you have shown me and the excitement of achievements… You have taught me that sometimes, the darkest times can bring you to the brightest places. I have learned that the most toxic people and places can teach the most important lessons. That our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary and needed growth to step forward. And that the most heartbreaking losses make room for the most wonderful people. I have learned that what seems like such a curse in the moment can actually be a beautiful blessing in disguise that I needed so much.

I have learned that this road is sometimes more narrow than I ever could’ve imagined. And that although it is full of excitement and fun it is not the road for me… And like those toxic people and places I have encountered, this road carries many blessings and subtle messages to give my life… So listen, look and feel carefully before moving forward… The subtle messages are always saying, stay my course of love… That any road built by hurt and emotionless barriers is not a road for me. That what appears to be the end is actually just the discovery that I was meant to travel a more loving path.

Hope has been my guiding force for 2019. Learning that no matter how powerless I may feel or how difficult things around me seem. I can’t and should not give up, that I have gotten way too far to just throw in my towel… To dust myself off and carry on into 2020 with the most love….

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